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About Membership

Anyone can become a member of EverGarden Network™. All it takes is an email address and a desire to participate. Features of membership include
  • Members can post updates via their profiles; updates appear on the profile, and recent updates also appear on our Updates page and on the Home page.
  • Members receive advance notice of special events in their communities.
  • Subscribing (paying) members may receive discounts or rebates on selected purchases.
  • Organizational members (growers and retailers) may use our mailing facilities to notify constituents about special events like harvests, sales and new outlets.
Rules and procedures for these member types and benefits will be forthcoming later in 2014. To join, simply click the Register link atop any page of this website. You will need to provide your name and email address (all information received is confidential).

EverGarden Network currently operates only in the United States.

Vera Legumbre 20-May-2018
Use the contact form for more...
Vern Blockmyre 15-May-2018
Looking forward to some excellent veggies. When will the order form be...
Anonymous 4-May-2014
First post to Egarden member...

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