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color photo of plated microgreens dish
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Shrimp and pea shoots over rice in spicy xyz sauce.

Don't confuse microgreens with sprouts. The products and methodologies are quite different.


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Brit & Co.
12 Microgreen Recipes Packed With Macro Flavor • Heather Sage · Oct 8, 2014 Sure, mini desserts may be hard to turn up, but the appeal of twee eats doesn’t end with sweets. Nope, this roundup of 12 gorgeous recipes showcases the appeal of surprisingly flavor-packed microgreens. Not to be confused with sprouts, these tiny leaves simply come about from a super young harvest of a wide variety of veggies and herbs. Whether you grow your own in a shallow layer of soil or specially designed microgarden, or pick up a pack of ’em at your local grocery store, it couldn’t be easier to start cooking with these tasty, nutrient-dense greens!
Magical Microgreens
Choose a variety or a mix from your local farmer: from the familiar kale, radish, and arugula (rocket) to the more “exotic” shungiku (edible chrysanthemum), komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach), or mizuna. Flavors vary from mild and sweet to peppery and bitter depending on the type of green. Ask the grower for a sample! Use the greens to top everything from roasted vegetables to pizza. They can also be eaten as a salad and added to sushi, wraps, and sandwiches. If I’m not putting them on pizza, I like mine tossed with thinly sliced radishes and celery, dressed with a simple rice wine and olive oil vinaigrette, and served alongside a fried egg. Pure magic!
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